I started working at VBN Architects in the fall of 2011 as a model-building intern for High-Speed Rail stations. In December, I graduated from UC Berkeley and started working half-time for VBN and half for Cal Dining. My tasks ranged from models to presentations to reports. For professional development, I asked to be put on projects that would expose me to Revit, and got the opportunity to work more with the education group. 

In the fall of 2012, VBN was purchased by the architectural engineering firm STV Inc. For STV, I worked on redlines for various projects in Florida and Southern California. I was also tasked with building the model of LA Union Station and the surrounding context. The last couple months of my time at STV vbn, I split my time between the education and transportation groups. Suniya Malhotra and Rob Barthelman were in charge of attaining new projects and managing the existing community college masterplans underway in the office. I got the opportunity to work with them and helped with two space inventories for Cabrillo College in Aptos, California. My tenure at STV vbn exposed me to a lot of project and client types.