Street view towards downtown Austin from East Cesar Chavez

PROCESS + CRAFT : College of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

Location: Austin, Texas
Design Critic: Matt Fajkus
Duration: 13 weeks

This project was a collaboration with April Ng.


The College of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts offers an experimental curriculum for students seeking an innovative, hands-on learning environment in East Austin. Process and craft are the pillars of the school, which is categorized by theory, practice and research. Exhibiting the culinary learning environment, and highlighting the school’s unique approach to innovation is the core of the CGCA. Curiosity and rigor inspire students and faculty to investigate the craft and processes of superior food preparation. 

In addition to testing laboratories, teaching kitchens and theory program, the CGCA houses Acorn Brewing Company, a modest local brewery, and Micklethwait Craft Meats. Acorn Brewing has established a joint partnership with Micklethwait and the Culinary School, and serves as the link between the three programs. The brewery and restaurant act as a connection to the surrounding community, and help to define the outdoor zones that wrap the ground level and bring the public into an otherwise private program. The use of process as a design driver exposes the making of food, with an emphasis on the meticulous nature of both beer and barbecue, and the reciprocal processes related to integrating professionals, students and community members into a comprehensive culinary arts program.

Design Development set for Technical Communication, Fall 2014. Awarded Design Excellence and an AIA Student Design award in 2015.